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International Freight Forwarding

Using a carefully balanced mix of proactive, personal service, and technology-leading automated system interfaces, CAI ensures that cargo shipments are timely and visible at each step in the export process. CAI offers complete freight forwarding services, regulatory compliance, logistics management consulting and process analysis, and carrier contract and rate management, all backed up by CAI�s unsurpassed customer care.

Ocean and Airfreight Forwarding
For containerized ocean cargo or bulk shipments, CAI offers comprehensive export services designed to provide maximum control and savings. CAI's advanced technology and experience provides customers with door-to-door ocean services, for both hazardous and non-hazardous shipments.

CAI is a leading global non-vessel operating common carrier (NVOCC), providing less than container and full container services at competitive rates. CAI helps ensure that its customers' supply chains are operating smoothly and that shipments are free from penalties and delays.

Logistics Process Management
CAI helps companies develop best practices to realize more efficient and effective supply chains by evaluating and re-engineering how processes intersect with logistics and transportation operations. CAI�s Project Logistics Services help ensure that even the most challenging projects are coordinated down to the last detail, CAI offers turnkey logistics services for even the most complex projects. CAI's Carrier Contract & Rate Management Services help promote significant cost savings by improving carrier selection, lowering administrative overhead, eliminating overcharges, and improving productivity.

Supporting Services
As part of its freight forwarding service, CAI's customers can utilize the company's dynamic, and personal approach to shipping by reaching our agents 24 hrs a day 7 days a week.

Tracking - CAI provides its clients with a personal approach to tracking your shipments events and details to ensure that you are kept up to date and providing you with complete visibility to shipments from beginning to end, from anywhere in the world.

Documentation - CAI's unparalleled approach to the documentation process drives your shipment information. CAI�s dynamic approach for completing Bills of Lading, Commercial Invoices, Packing Lists, Export Declarations, and other important documents for export shipments are prompt, saving your company time and money.

Reports - CAI's comprehensive management reports give users visibility into all details of their shipments. CAI reports allows users to have each report scheduled for execution and delivery via email weekly, monthly, or daily.

Ground Division

CAI Group currently owns and operates a ground division which offers support to the companies marine operations. This division offers Van, Flatbed, Specialized and Heavy Haul carrier services that can meet any challenge with precision and ease. We are a recognized leader in providing Van, flatbed and specialized transportation in Canada the United States.

Our international division offers world wide door to door transportation. That is as easy as domestic shipping.

CAI can and will commit to provide you with the best service available to meet your satisfaction on every load.

We offer our customers a total transportation solution. Our Van, Flatbed/Heavy Haul is designed to move literally anything: lumber to earthmovers, granite to delicate electronic machinery. We can meet any challenge with easy, exacting precision by matching load type to a perfect equipment selection, ensuring that your load will be where you want it, when you want it. This depth of capability has also helped CAI maintain one of the best service providers in the transportation industry.
  • Innovative trailer designed configured for customer flexibility. Van or Flatbed  
  • Transport for full legal, over-dimensional, heavy haul shipments and LTL shipments 
  • North American Coverage with extensive expertise in Canada, and the United States
  • Import & Export expertise that makes shipping worldwide as easy as domestics 
  • We offer four customized trailer types for the ultimate in cargo flexibility.
Vans � Lightweight, 40�, 51� and 53� length, spread axles, air ride equipped
Flat - Lightweight, 48� to 53� length, spread axles, air ride equipped
Step Decks - 40" rear deck height, 48' length, spread axles, air ride equipped
Double Drops - Many with Removable Goose Necks (RGN), 30' well space and air ride equipped, 2 or three axles
Expandable Trailers - Double drops - closed and open is 51' in well, air ride equipped, 2 or 3 axle

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