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Bulk Cargo/Mass Commodities Handling

CAI Group of Companies is a specialist in the movement and handling of bulk cargo and mass commodities including items such as petroleum products, aggregate, pulp fibre, and bulk salt which are carried loose and which are customarily loaded and unloaded by pumping, shoveling, scooping or other similar means.

Presently our unloaders are used to unload bulk cargoes such as aggregate and salt from the holds of ships. Our conventional unloaders are comprised of various material handlers which include a number of Liebherr and Komatsu. Our current operation is located at the Canso Straight Superport includes a number of Superior Powerstackers complete with a line of hoppers and jump conveyors.

Our mass commodities teams present the following assets:
Expert knowledge with all system components, including shiploaders, conveyors, belt feeders, storage/reclaim, rail and truck dumpers, crushers;
Internationally known for integrating bulk handling systems into mine port and marine facilities;
Our bulk handling solutions integrate conventional factors from the planning stage onward.

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