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CAI Group is Canadian based International Trade Services company with its head office located in Moncton, New Brunswick. Providing creative and effective solutions in freight logistics, compliance and trade data management.

CAI Group provides expertise to companies involved in global trade. Our firm has expanded rapidly in recent years and provides a dedicated service to industrial development in Canada including mining, hydro, oil & gas, retail, manufacturing and other associated areas.

CAI Group is proud of our team of professionals that provide a valued service to our clients. Our team maintains superior experience combined with a strategic approach to the logistics industry. Our compliment of diversified staff are on the leading edge of their disciplines with particular experience in confronting the challenges of complicated, service, cost and time sensitive shipments.

CAI Group has worldwide quality standards for service in every aspect of our business. We have an impressive background in providing freight forwarding, customs brokerage, consulting, warehousing, air charters, and vessel charters. Our talented staff works as a team to assess complicated situations, manoeuvre through regulatory hurdles and implement solutions that meet both the letter of the law and the spirit of a client's business.

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